Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Fall Quilt Finish!

In my last post I spoke about basting a fall tumbler quilt.  Well, we had a rainy weekend so I managed to get a bunch of quilting done.   Actually, I finished quilting it.  

Since this is a scrappy quilt made out of all kinds and quality of fall fabrics I decided to just go ahead with an allover swirly design.  I used an apricot color for the quilting.  I chose a burgundy with fall leaves on it for the binding.  

I wish the trees in the background looked a bit more fallish!  I will take a picture again when the leaves have changed.

I pieced the backing on this quilt.  I had a charming scarecrow fabric which I thought would be a great addition to the fall quilt.

They are so cute!  I am so thrilled with this finish.  It feels lovely and soft and I am looking forward to snuggling on the sofa under this one.  

I have chosen the next top to quilt and have started rolling the layers onto the pipes.  I need to piece the backing and then the basting fun can start again.  My batting is large enough to get a wall hanging out of it too.  Will baste that one also and then I can get busy with the quilting.

Thank you for visiting and have a super, productive sewing week.



  1. Congratulations on the finish! It sure is very Fall coloured. I love it. ;^)

  2. It's a beautiful finish - those colours are just yummy :-)

  3. The scarecrows are perfect. Love the pops of blue on the front (and on the scarecreows!) Are the furkids more interested in the finished quilt?

  4. You really had a productive weekend. Your lovely fall colors usher in the new season. The backing is super cute and was the perfect pick. I hope I have as productive weekend like you!

  5. the colors in this are so rich and beautiful! what a wonderful quilt my friend

  6. fun tumbler quilt for fall! those blues really sparkle.