Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Nine Patch Finish!

I really like nine patches.  They are so simple but remind me of a more traditional patchwork time.  I finally got to baste and quilt this lovely.  It has been in the top queue waiting it's turn.

I used two stencil blocks in the turquoise grunge blocks.  I meander quilted the nine patches.  The background Moda Solid Butter on the nine patches served as my inspiration for thread color choice.  

Here you can see more quilting detail.

The binding is the turquoise grunge.  The backing is an ivory grunge.  The leaves have succumbed to the howling wind which we have had for the past few days.  But at least there is a little bit of color to be seen.  

Thank you for stopping by to visit. 



  1. oh Chantal that's stunning! I love turquoise, I love grunge and I LOVE your quilt!

  2. It is a very beautiful quilt and up close, it is a stunning quilt. Wowser how I love your quilting job on this one. Excellent job! Congrats on finishing another wonderful quilt. ;^)

  3. Such a pretty quilt!! Love the different quilting designs you used too. I think a good share of our leaves jave dropped in the last week - 4" rain, then heavy snow and more rain. Fall is officially here...

  4. I like nine patches too! fun quilt - great colors.

  5. Your quilt finished beautifully. The quilting you added is awesome and so well done. The turquoise really compliments the orange foliage. You can never go wrong with a simple nine patch, but yours is no simple look.