Friday, October 14, 2016

This and That!

I have been busy quilting a top that had been in the queue for a while now.  I have run out of thread!!!!  Oh well, more is on it's way.  I thought I had more but it is a slightly different shade of the same color.  I almost carried on with it but I knew I would hate that I did not wait.  So I wait!  
Meanwhile, I decided some kitchen cloths for stocking stuffers should get knitted.  I love a quick finish and it is so lovely to have mindless knitting while watching TV.  I have three completed already.  I finished another one last night after this picture was taken.   I am using "I Love this Cotton" from Hobby Lobby.  They have some really lovely shades.

I have been driving around a fair bit this week to enjoy the fall foliage.  It does not disappoint.  Look at this flaming tree.  Awe inspiring!

Our town of Chester has a Scarecrow festival every October.  Many visitors come by to look at all the lovely displays.  Here are two folk near the library.

The library itself has done a wonderful job with storybook characters. 

So cute that I could not resist sharing these with you.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.  Next week I will be back with another finish!  



  1. that is my favorite cotton yarn! so soft. I've been weaving with it too. love your pretty dishcloth!

  2. Beautiful fall colours in here and in your knitting. Gorgeous cotton yarn. I laughed when I saw Curious George. Too cute. Thanks for sharing. It was lovely! ;^)

  3. The dishcloths will be nice gifts. Years ago a friend gift me a dishcloth and then a smaller version which was supposed to be a face cloth. Turns out it's a fantastic coaster for my water bottle. Such cute scarecrows but I think that first lady needs her eyes checked. Teehee!

  4. I'm glad you waited for the matching thread. Sometimes I just continue on with a substitute and I'm always disappointed. The scarecrows are a super cute tradition.

  5. Those story book characters are fabulous!
    Love the really red trees too

  6. The characters are so cute and lifelike. I love to knit those dishcloths, too. I haven't tried the Hobby Lobby cotton, but my dishcloths are looking faded. When the weather cools off a bit, I get in the mood to knit.

  7. Your profile indicates you live in TX and you mentioned your town as Chester. But MAN, those pix don't look like TX and I'm in Ft. Worth and we have zero fall foliage yet. Still very pretty..just curious.