Sunday, September 17, 2017

Little Baskets!

I started a basket project many years ago.  I think it was my first applique project.  Of course it ended up in the UFO pile.  Well, I am happy to announce it came out to play and has had a major growth spurt. 

After making many baskets, I thought I would lay them out to see how big it was getting.  Hmmm, halfway done.  Still loving the appliquéing of these baskets I carried on churning them out.

Yup, still growing.  I think I have around 20 baskets left to make.  Totally doable.  I am thinking of putting a border down two sides for some vine and flower appliqué.  Still to be determined though.  I am so happy that this project has come out of hiding.  I am enjoying it like a new project.  

I had to get a picture of this little guy.  He is as big as my thumb nail and very camera shy!  Lol.  So cute though.

Have a happy week and thank you for stopping by to visit.  



  1. Sew nice to see progress on your baskets. Now that the project has aged properly, those last 20 baskets will fly by. Vined borders will be a fantastic addition for a little more eye candy.

  2. Glad those little baskets came out to play again. They're as cute as that tiny little frog!

  3. A great little project to pull out again - your baskets are looking really cute - I do like the idea of an appliqued border - will be interesting to see what you decide to do. That seems like a very tiny frog - have you seen him again or has he disappeared? He looks quite at home sitting there.

  4. sweet little basket blocks. and cute little frog too!