Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Basket Blocks than I thought!!!

 Isn't it a wonderful thing when after days of making basket blocks, you unpack them from their storage bag to find that you really have a decent pile!!  I was thrilled to see how many I have made so far.  I have this project sitting on the kitchen table, and when I have a few minutes I applique a bit.  I am so enjoying making these blocks.
Here is a close-up of a few of them.  I love the colors.  So rich and vibrant.  I even took a couple of blocks to the hospital this weekend!!  Yes, you read correctly.  My sweet daughter developed appendicitis during the night on Saturday and we took her to the ER early on Sunday morning.  She had her surgery on Sunday afternoon.  While waiting for her I appliqued a block or two.  It helped calm me down.  I am happy to report that we are home and she is recovering very nicely.  Had this happened a hundred years or more ago, I would have lost my precious daughter.  I am very grateful to the talented people who operated on her, and for all the modern medicine and medical procedures that we have.  She was well looked after.  It turns out Sunday was our 23rd wedding anniversary!!  Sometimes you just don't know what you will wake up to!!


  1. So beautiful, I love this one so much! Where are you thinking of putting it?

  2. When I'm sitting with someone in the hospital or waiting for someone's procedure to be over, I prefer to have my hand stitching with me, rather than a book. I think it's that I have to coordinate the needle and thread, my hands, my eyes, and my brain -- and I'm distracted.
    I'm glad to read that your daughter is OK.
    Your baskets are a gorgeous collection. Do you happen to be working with a project from a "Cold Wind Blows" book?