Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A finish at last!

 I am so happy that I can post a finish!!  I work on so many projects at the same time that it seems to take so loooooooong before I finish something.  I had been working away furiously on this project and then, somehow, I got tired of it with only one bluebonnet left to go.  I put it down and Mr Cat decided that he really liked napping on it.  It became his new nap spot for about two weeks.  I picked it up yesterday to de-fluff and I thought I should probably just finish it.  Which is what I did!!  I had bought the frame a couple of weeks ago so I could just go ahead and frame it.  I am very happy with the way it turned out.
I even put a dust cover on the back and put on the hanging wire!!  Had to go and raid hubbies toolbox!!  Now to find a place to hang it!!  It is a great summer picture with happy sunny hues to it.  It was really so fun to stitch.  The ticking stripe fabric is incredibly soft!!  I will be looking for another wool felt project quite soon.
Thanks for stopping by, and hoping that you are having a wonderful day.

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