Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's been a few days, but I've been sewing!!

Hello!!  What has happened to the days?  I see my last post was on the 3rd of March and it is already the 10th!!
Well, I have been very busy sewing the drapes for my sitting room and dining room.  Here is a picture of the sitting room drapes!!!  I just have to hem the ones in the dining room and then I will post a picture of them too.  I have sewn a total of 44 yards of fabric for them.  The drapes are lined, and have a drop and a half per curtain!!  I used pleater tape and hooks because I wanted a more formal look to the drapes.  Did I have a problem finding rings to hang them on!!!  Rings commonly have little spring clips on them now.  I could only find a ring with a tiny ring on them for $30.00 for 10 from a very overpriced store.  So, that being said, my handy husband took the little clips off, leaving the wire circle.  It works wonderfully.  Oh well, I better get back to that horrible hemming job awaiting me.  I hand hemmed the front fabric because I hate the line at the bottom from the sewing machine.  I did machine the hem of the lining fabric though.
Have a good day and I will chat again soon.

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