Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring has Sprung!!! (at least it has in Texas)

 Good morning!!!  This week I worked at getting our home ready for spring (and spring break - my two older sons come home from college tonight!!!!).  It is such a wonderful time of the year, and I love to decorate accordingly.  I clambered up into the attic to rescue all these little bunnies and placed them around the house.  It shows (to me anyway) new beginnings, new life and the opportunity for re-birth.  The shelf in the top picture is on a wall in my kitchen.  My husband made it for me, many years ago, with only a few woodworking tools.  He put it together with love and determination and I treasure it.
 This is my kitchen table.  I just love the two cups with little bunnies for handles.
 This little fellow holds yummy candy on the coffee table in the family room.  It looks like he has a spring spring in his step!
 One of my sons gave me the sheep for a birthday gift a few years ago.  I have found a place for the candle mat.  It looks really good on the darker table.
 These two have graced the top of the piano for many years now.
 Here is the "Big Pink Nightmare".  He is so ugly that he is actually cute.  I painted the eggs that fill him!
I love these two!  They look like an old couple out for a walk!
It has been a busy week preparing for the boys to come home, but I have also done some sewing.  I added another row to my basket weave afghan - soon to be completed and shown!!!  I am a bit further along with my strawberry candle mat and I have been sewing on a hexagon quilt that I have started.  I will show that to you soon in a separate blog.  Have a wonderful Friday and a relaxing weekend.


  1. Hi Chantal, thanks for your visit. Great to have found your blog too. Groetjes

  2. you must be thrilled to have all of your children back! have a wonderful time with them!
    Love Alice XXXXX
    p.s I quite like the big pink nightmare, he is cool!!!!!

  3. I love your decorations, especially those sheep!