Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dilemma Deluxe!!!

 In January I posted a picture of squares I had been knitting on for an afghan.  The pile of squares has grown and I needed to start sewing them up.  Herein lies the problem for me.  I don't really like the look of knitted squares that are just sewn together.  Somehow the seam always seems too obvious to me, and just looks ugly.  So after much pondering, I decided to crochet the squares together.  I eagerly started and found myself disappointed with the result.  The crocheted seem looked a bit wavy and was a bit rough looking for the squares.  So I unpicked the two rows that I had completed.  Then I decided to crochet a black border around each square and sew them together with a needle.  This looks much better and the black makes the squares pop!!  It really must be the quilter in me that likes to see things all neat with borders!!  Ha Ha!!  Or else it is because I am somewhat OCD about my sewing projects.
 While I was taking a picture of the square in the process of getting it's border, O'Malley arrived in the kitchen for a drink of water from his favorite tap!!  He does not believe in drinking from a bowl like a regular cat (is there such a thing as a regular cat?).  No, O'Malley likes his house slaves to come running to switch on the tap for him.  I thought I would post this picture of him because, to date, you have only met his fluffy brother.  Isn't he a good looking cat?  I apologize for the picture of O'Malley in the middle of my blog about knitting squares.  I am somewhat technologically challenged and I did not know how to change the order of the pictures once I had put them into my blog album.  Oh well, consider it intermission!!
I am busy putting two rows together and I really like the black border and how flat it lies.  The crocheted ridge did not snap my socks!!!
Well, folks,  happy 1st of March.  The days are getting longer and buds are appearing on trees and bushes.  I can't say it is a moment too soon.  I am positively feeling a pep in my step.  I wish you all a happy month with some of the luck of the Irish sprinkled among your days.  Have a good one!!  Until next time!

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