Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Little Progress on my "Not So Zen" Quilt from Quiltmania Magazine!

I know that I am sooooo faaaaar from really making a dent on this quilt.  I have made a few more flowers recently and have counted 51 so far!  Thats hardly scratching the surface though.  
 I am in no hurry with this quilt and not feeling pressure to get anywhere in a hurry.  That is what makes the project pleasant.
A little fussy cutting here and there, a little stitching when I get the urge.  It will get done eventually.  I was actually surprised by how many flowers I have already.
Here is a snap shot from the Quiltmania magazine No 86 in which the pattern appears.  Just beautiful.  I am of course doing the connectors in red.  Such a rich looking quilt.  
Thank you for stopping by to visit.  I always appreciate you looking and feel free to comment.  It is what makes the whole blogging experience fun and worthwhile.


  1. Your hexies are so wonderful. It is a fantastic project.

  2. Hexie-flowrs are so calming and enjoyable to make. Before you know it you will be addicted and then there will be enough for this stunning quilt :-)

  3. I agree the red "paths" make it look so rich.
    Enjoy the journey!

  4. such cute hexies. I have one going too, but just a doll sized. Yours will be amazing