Monday, January 13, 2014

A Christmas Afghan Finish!

My talented son carved a crochet hook for me out of bone for Christmas.  I decided to use it for a Christmas afghan I wanted to make.  I had purchased the yarn already and was good to go.  This is the most awesome hook ever!  Smooth as silk and FAST!
I love granny squares!  Chevrons are so IN at the moment too.  So I decided to incorporate both elements into this afghan.  It is really bright and Christmassy.  I love the row of granny squares - that is ones starting point in the afghan.
 You make the squares first and then attach them on point with the white yarn.  Then you will crochet from both ends.  I did not want to leave wavy edges so I filled in the white areas on the ends of the afghan keeping to the pattern.
 Here is the crochet hook that my son made.  I really enjoy using it and it is now my favorite hook!
Of course I have a bunch of small yarn scraps so I have started this scrappy afghan with the common turquoise joining row!  Having fun with this little block.  A very portable project too.


  1. oh what a beautiful afghan! And I'm so glad you included a picture of your hook. A lovely gift! can't wait to watch the next afghan come together too

  2. Wow, what a neat hook and a beautiful afghan!! I like the effect of the Granny Squares in it. Well done, both of you!