Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Soupçon Progress!

Karen from has the most wonderful sew-a-long.  She posts clues every two weeks for a medallion style wall hanging.  She offers so much support though.  Examples of others work, tutorials and explains things so well.
I had a hiccup when I started though.  I did not do the hexie download properly and my hexes turned out to be too small.  I had already cut and basted the pieces.  Oh well, it is fixed now and I have everything correct and as it should be.
 Here are the correct size pieces which I needed!
 All basted with no tails sticking out at the top!
 I'm happy with the effect the fabric gives the rosette!
 I spent a fair amount of time auditioning background fabrics.  I like this one!
 One of the corners has its embroidery done.  I used three different strands of color and combined them to make the flower.  I like how it turned out.  I am also using a variegated floss for the leaves.  I have really enjoyed this project so far.  Give it a try!  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Chantal - your block is so pretty and I can't wait until it is finished and posted on FLICKR. I love the green fabric with little pops of turquoise - it is jewel-like! I too spend more time auditioning background fabrics but it is fun to see the effects of different fabrics and it gives me great ideas for colour combinations that I might otherwise not have considered.

  2. So nice to meet you Chantel, the GYB party was a fab idea. Love your work.

  3. That's lovely, Chantel. Hope the GYB party is a help in growing your blog.

  4. I just signed up to follow your blog! Hope you'll jump over to visit mine sometime. I also plan to link to your hexagon tutorials on my blog. I will show one photo, credit to you and then link to you. I do these links on Fridays under "Friday Finds". Please let me know if you do NOT want me to link and use your photo.

  5. Hello Chantel, Stopping by from the GYB party. Had a nice time reading through your posts. Beautiful stars and handwork. I am a new follower. Stop by to enter my nifty fifty giveaway. Happy blogging!