Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Quilty Finish!

I made a wall hanging from a pattern out of one of the Moda Candy Books.  It has been waiting to be quilted.  I decided to do it one evening.  I cut my backing fabric and was ironing it.  My iron decided to cough some nasty water onto it.  So off to the laundry for some Grandma's stain remover.  I was happy to see the stain came out.  However, now my backing was wet!!!!  That ended the quilting progress for that evening.  I tackled it the next morning and pressed on with the quilting.  Some days quilting is easier than other days.  I made progress really quickly on this one and by dinner time the quilt was bound and ready to hang up.  Here is the top!
I had quiet a bit of solid fabric to quilt which needed something fun.  I did an all over stipple in the green stripes and the checkerboard area.
The white area got parallel lines and circles.
 The binding is a black on white mini polka dot.  The quilt is hanging in my kitchen where I can enjoy it for a while.  The kids keep commenting on how nice the quilting is.  That is a great compliment.