Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An Afghan Completed!

Friends of ours came to the USA for a three year contract for work.  Their three years were finished before we knew it and they were on their way back to Sweden.  I wanted to make then something special to remember us by and their time here.  So I decided to crochet them an afghan.  I chose colors to match their living room which is painted in the Gustavian Style.  I think I did alright because my friend was so happy when I gave them the blanket.  I was on a serious time budget because I decided to crochet the afghan at the eleventh hour.
 Chose colors and started working.
 Finished the afghan in three weeks.


  1. What a very lovely afghan and beautifully made. The colours are perfect and your friend must have been so delighted.

  2. wow! you did that fast. the colors are fabulous!

  3. How beautiful, Chantal! I made several of those way back in the 70s. They are sure to treasure it.

  4. What a beautiful gift! Hopefully you can visit your friends in Sweden some time.