Monday, July 27, 2015

A Mini Quilt Finish!

Once upon a time there was a crazy woman who quilted.  She was making a quilt that needed to be snowballed.  She carefully trimmed the corners and studies the sad little triangles which were cut off. Now this woman was a kind soul and felt very sorry for the sad little triangles.  She decided to stitch them together.  She stitched and stitched and stitched.  Life happened and the little project got neglected.  A few years later she found it and decided to finish the sad little project.  She went looking in her stash for the perfect border and binding and in no time at all the little project of of orphaned half square triangles became a cute little quilt.  The woman looked at her project and was glad she gave the little 0.5" squares a chance to shine!  The End!!!
I have a plan for this little quilt which will hopefully be revealed in a few days time.
 This photo was taken in my garden near a bed of pink day lilies.

 Look at the beautiful leaves on this geranium.    The photo below is of the beautiful day lilies.  I have never had pink ones before.


  1. Love your little quilt. It reminds me of the quilts made by Mary Elizabeth Kinch. She uses small pieces to make spectacular quilts!
    My Mom has a pink day lily blooming in her garden and it is so pretty. She wold love yours for sure.

  2. what a treasure! I love your little quilt

  3. sweet little quilt and gorgeous flowers!