Sunday, July 5, 2015

An Elongated Hexagon Wall Hanging!

I seem to be on a wall hanging spree at the moment.  I started an elongated hexagon pattern out of a book entitled 101 Fabulous Small Quilts.  The method of putting them together was dot to dot.  You know I love EPP so that is the method I chose to assemble the quilt.  It all went together very well.  I chose reproduction fabrics for the quilt.
 The quilt "feels" the same as the one from the book.  Also pinks and blues.
 I quilted just within the perimeter of each hexagon.
 I did a meandering pattern in the blue border fabric.
 I put the binding on by machine.
 Look at this very happy pot plant on my deck!  It is so prolific with its flowering.  I thought it was a Black Eye Susan!  Somebody told me it was not.
 I'm not entirely trusting their info.
 I have completed another Value Proposition block and also one crocheted block for my afghan.


  1. Lovely little mini quilt and what a great vine. Could it be a Thunbergia ?

  2. You have been very busy woman! Love the elongated hexagon quilt. What is the finished size?

    As for the plant, I believe Hilda is correct. It is commonly known as a black-eyed susan vine which is different from the North American wildflower black-eye susan from the rudbeckia family. Both plants are very pretty. Love their sunny faces!