Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Another Mini Quilt Completed!

As if the last quilt were not enough, made from the little off cuts from snowballing a bigger block, I have collected more triangle offcuts from another quilt in the making.  I was on a roll with those little pieces, so I decided to make the second one too and get those pesky little triangles out of the sewing room.  I have carefully been moving them around on a flannel board for way to long now trying not to make a big mess.   It did not take too long to put together at all.  The fabric is from Petal, by Aneela Hoey and a purple Moda Solid.  The border is from my stash and not sure which line it comes from.
 A closer view shows the yellow is not so washed out as the above photo.
 Here are the two little quilts side by side.  This one too has a purpose which will be revealed in the not to distant future.  Finally I have no more triangles left in the sewing room.  It feels good to have these two quilts done.


  1. beautiful! would you like me to mail you my bag of unused triangles?

  2. Lovely finishes, wonderful little quilts.
    How did you manage to have no more triangles in the sewing room? That is to me an unmanagable task.

  3. That yellow border really showcases the purple HSTs. Both quilts are really pretty. One looks modern (purple) and the other has a more old fashioned look!

  4. cue and I love that yellow border fabric!