Thursday, July 2, 2015

Moda Candy Wall Hanging Finish!

I love making wall hangings!  It's one of my favorite things to do.  I purchased both of the Moda Candy pattern booklets when they came out, and I have made a few things out of them.  I really enjoy a quick make and finish in amongst all those large projects.   I have a collection of the Moda mini charms in a glass vase.  If there is a collection of fabric I like, I buy two and throw them in the vase.  When I feel like a mini I have a bunch of 2.5" squares to use.   I really enjoyed making this one.  It is bright and fresh for summer.
I quilted pebbles in all the negative space.  

 I have also completed another Value Proposition Quilt block with the first round of pathway!  Getting close to the end of making the blocks now.  I can't wait to attach them into a quilt.


  1. Love your value proposition block. I've thought about one. And your afghan in the other post is great. I love making a big granny afghan.

  2. I love dense quilting in negative space. It is a happy little wall hanging.

    Your VP block looks fabulous - very dramatic!