Sunday, September 30, 2012


Fall comes slowly to Texas!!  We are still walking around in our summer clothes and a jersey and jeans still seems to be far off on the horizon.  However, I can make believe by putting fall things out in the house.  We have had rain this weekend and the light has not been good to take photo's.  I will post some more this week when the light becomes brighter again.  The top photo is my mail shelf on the wall next to the computer in the kitchen.  I made the little pumpkin doll.  The pattern came from a Create and Decorate magazine.
The oven is a favorite place of mine to place holiday dish cloths!
 This little chap is needle punched. I really enjoy doing needle punch.
 A fall themed arrangement in the entrance hall on top of the piano.
I finally got around to adding a row to my folded oblong centerpiece.  Sooooo many folded triangles!!!!
I wish you a great Sunday and week ahead.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. So pretty, Chantal! Love the runner and its colors. That looks like a lot of work. Beautiful!

  2. Your fall decorations look fabulous! And I love your centerpiece! It is going to be absolutely gorgeous!