Monday, September 24, 2012

Hexagon Love!!

 The weather is turning just slightly cooler! (I live in Texas)  When this happens I start thinking of knitting and crochet!!!  Look at this bucket of yumminess!  Why not make a hexagon afghan?  I have so many other hexagon projects on the go.  I showed my husband this block and he said: "You really like hexagons, don't you!" Ya think???
 Anyway, this is the progress I have made so far.  Also nice and portable until the last row when you crochet the hexagon to the rest of them.  I am liking this so far.  I am using a sportweight yarn (double knit to those outside of USA).
Hope you are having a good Monday.  The weekend really went by too quickly!


  1. B-e-a-utiful! I love it girlie!!! It is so sweet and so cheerful!

    And tell that dear, sweet husband of yours that hexies RULE!

  2. Is this your own pattern? I would love to read the stitch details on this one ... :) Pat