Friday, September 7, 2012

String Piecing and a few houses!

 Happy Friday to all!  I wanted to try string piecing last weekend.  It is so unstructured and fun to do.  Also a great stash buster.  I cut out 8 inch muslin squares to use as a foundation.
 Next, I upended all my strings on a chair next to me for easy picking!  I also hauled my scrap bucket from upstairs and plonked that down on the other side of me!
Then I just started selecting pieces of fabric and sewing them down.  I look at the quarter inch marking on my walking foot to keep me on the straight and narrow.  
 Place a string right sides facing onto your existing string block.  Sew down using a quarter inch seam.  Iron it open and trim roughly so that you can make out your square shape.  (You will trim your block down to 7.5 " when you are done - squaring up!!!)
 Strip pressed open!
 Four blocks stitched together to make a big block.  I have been pondering and I think that I am going to do sashing to show off the blocks.
Meantime, I am so behind on my Building Houses from Scraps that I am stitching a few of the units as I string piece.  Both projects use small scraps.  Since my hugem bucket of scraps is down here I am just making a few houses too.
Try string piecing!!!  It is a lot of fun! Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend.

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