Saturday, December 7, 2013

Celtic Solstice and Ice!

Oh I had a fabulous sew day being iced in all day.  It is 18 degrees F in Dallas today!  That is truly cold for us.
I finished my 92 orange/ blue blocks for Celtic Solstice.  I cut and stitched 60 blocks of the white/ blue blocks.  I could not resist trying at least one block from Part II.  Got most of the fabric cut for those blocks and stitched two together last night.  It is a cute, cute block.  What is tedious though is the marking of all those diagonal lines.  However take care to do it properly - it will only make the stitching process much easier.
I went outside  this morning and NO ice has melted because it is just so cold.  The plants look like they are encased in glass.  I took some pics to show you.  Non of this is snow.  It is all ice.
flower completely encased in ice.

It really is very beautiful.

Orange blocks.

Neutral blocks.

Two Chevron blocks and most of the cut pieces for the others.


  1. it is pretty isn't it? I took a bunch of pictures yesterday. I should put them up on my blog. Love yours! and your pretty blocks too

  2. the ice flower is so pretty! the mystery blocks look great.