Friday, December 6, 2013

Ice Storm and Celtic Solstice

I have been making progress on my Celtic Solstice blocks.  I am not done with Part I but am getting there.  Part II came out this morning so I better hove to!  Don't want to be left behind in y'all's dust!
We have had an ice storm in Dallas!!!!  In early December!!!!  The trees are groaning under the weight of the ice.  So far we still have electricity!  A couple of branches have snapped off of our big oak tree.  The dear sweet hubby and I are hunkered down and don't plan to leave the house today.  Stay safe if you are impacted by the storm.
At the time of blogging I have 50 blocks done.

A huge pot of thick vegetable soup bubbling on the stove last night.

My poor Cypress trees looking like peeled bananas.

A few downed limbs on my oak tree!


  1. Hello Chantal, I'am also in the mysterie from Bonnie Hunter. It's my first mysterie too. I choose some different colors but it's very exciting to wait for each next step every week!

    Greetz from Holland,

  2. oh soup sounds so good! We are all safe at home today too and it is a perfect day for sewing! Love your blocks.

  3. I have fallen so behind on your blog - It will be fun to see the mystery quilt come together. The colors are great.
    I got burned by a mystery once and hated it, but Bonnie's are always good.
    Stay safe in the storm