Monday, September 15, 2014

A Mug Rug for Swap Club!

I host the Swap Club at our LQS and we have a bunch of fun coming up with ideas and picking our project.  I usually try to make an original pattern for the swap.  Since our swap was in September we decided on a Halloween Mug Rug.  I had so much fun putting it together.  The bat is made from wool felt and has been embroidered.  Stem stitch, lazy daisy stitch for the leaves, and french knots for the flowers.  

 I free motion quilted and echoed the "boo" on the bat in the quilting.  It took all of 5 minutes to quilt and I was having so much fun I wished it was bigger.  Adding cursive writing into your quilting is really easy.  This little guy was so much fun to make.  Of course I had to swap him and I miss his face - well, I will just have to make another one.  I have not told you my sad story about mug rugs.  I never use them - they are so cute and precious that I could not bear to add a coffee ring or tea drops to the design.  So I hang them on the side of a cupboard I have in my kitchen as art!!!  Crazy to the n'th degree!  Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.


  1. he is adorable! will you share what you received? I'm with you, never use my mug rugs either. they are way too pretty!

  2. Chantal - that bat is adorable! How ever will you part with him?

  3. HA HA this is the first bat that I've seen and LIKED!

    So darn cute ! :)