Friday, September 5, 2014

The Bibliophile Files for August!

Sarah at hosts the Bibliophile Files once a month.  It is super to see what other people read and what they recommend.  It gives good ideas for that trip to the library!  Here are my reads for August!  The Book of Lost Threads is a book about a daughter who, as a young adult, finds her biological father.  It explores the development of their relationship and the characters of the people close to them.  Not the best read ever - a rather gloomy sort of a tale.
 I have found another author who writes whodunnit stories in conjunction with a group of knitters who are apt to sit and solve the mystery as their needles click away.  The main protagonists are an interesting assortment of people.  Entertaining.  I love the titles of these books.  Clever!!!
 That's it folks!!! I would love to get more reads under the belt for September!  See you next month with another edition of The Bibliophile Files!


  1. Looks like the knitting books could be quite amuzing. I love that style where the mystery is based about knitting or sewing or cooking clubs.

  2. I just love those titles lol Im going to have to read one or two!