Monday, September 22, 2014

World Wide Blog Hop!

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I so appreciate you stopping by.  Karen of Faeries and Fibres nominated me to partake in this blog hop.  Please visit Karen's blog - you will be so happy you did.  She has wonderful tutorials on her blog, as well as Quilt-a-longs which are so much fun.  Her instructions are wonderful.  She goes into a lot of detail and one is never left wondering about the next step.  Her work is STUNNING and she is just a lovely lady!
Right, let's get right into those questions!!!
I am working on so many projects.  I have knitting projects on the go, crocheting projects, hand piecing projects as well as sewing machine projects.  That is part of my problem.  I probably have too many projects which I am working on.   Both my grandmother's taught me to knit and crochet when I was a little girl.  They both loved handwork and I saw the joy it brought them and was very enthusiastic to learn.  My mom also knitted and she helped me make my first jersey.  It wasn't until we moved to the USA, in 2000, that I started quilting.   I love pioneer history and stories of how women made quilts with what little they had.  I often think of those ladies when I am stitching away at my projects.  After all, we had the same end goal - keeping our families warm and comfortable.

This is a tough question for me to answer.  I don't know that it really does differ.  I like so many styles and will make reproduction projects and then the next one might be a modern project.  I think a trend through my work is that I like color - A LOT!  It has been very difficult for me to pin point exactly what my style is because I really do love so many of them.   This photo has three project on the back of the chair in front of my sewing machine.  The little Halloween quilt needs binding.  The yellow and grey rows are for a quilt for my bed.  The turquoise peeking out at the bottom is a Christmas Quilt which I am busy quilting.
I do what I do because I have to.  It is as necessary as breathing to me.  Honestly, I work on something every single day.  A day without stitching leaves me feeling like the day has been wasted.   Even if it is only a few stitches.  I have a project on the kitchen table, because I can get a bit done while I cook.  You know that watched pot never boils - well I don't watch it - I stitch until it does!  I have a project on the sofa for evening stitching.  There is always something I am working on at the machine for those five minutes of free time.  I love making things to make my home a warm, comfortable environment for my family.

This is another tough question.  I am a very visual person.  I will see something I like and want to make it.  It could be the colors which make the project so pretty or the design.  There is usually one element which makes me want to make one of my own.  I don't stress too much about fabric choice.  That seems to be a bit easier for me than for many others.  When I get started I will make a few blocks and then sew them into rows, add a few more blocks  and sew them into rows.  I just can't sit down and sew a bunch of blocks in one sitting.  It gets boring very quickly.  I might have stitched together 3 or 4 rows of a quilt and then need to cut out the fabric for the blocks for the next rows.  Many of you will probably think I am a hot mess!!!  It works for me though.  If there is a technique which I have not tried before, I will get it sorted out in my head before I attempt it.  I need to feel clear about what I am about to do.

I would like to introduce you to two quilters who have stunning blogs of their own.
Ellyn at Ellyn's Place makes wonderful projects.  She likes color and makes wonderfully modern quilts.  She is a really good seamstress too and has made several wonderful garments.
Sarah at Sarah did it, has a really neat blog.  She has several linky events which are so much fun.  She has help for hexaholics, the bibliophile files, and a blog post written by her cats on a Friday which always crack me up.  She has a wonderful sense of humor.
Please stop by and visit them.  They will be answering their creative questions next Monday (29th of September).


  1. Thank you Chantal for sharing. It was nice to get to know you a little bit. Also, I appreciate the two new (to me) blogs you've introduced. Love what they do too.

  2. I love the picture of the quilts on the back of the chair. The colours are so bright and clear! And I'm with you as far as creating being as important as breathing and a day spent not creating something feels like a wasted day! Thanks for sharing. I already follow Sarah's blog but Ellyn is new to me so I'll off to visit!

  3. pretty projects and interesting post and I am like you...I am another 'hot mess' ha ha since I too get bored easily and do a little at a time of this, that and the other :)