Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I occasionally purchase Mollie Makes Magazine because they always have such cute patterns.  Invariably there is something that I want to make from the patterns in the magazine.  Particularly the crocheting patterns.  This latest issue is no different.  There is a pattern to make a Mandala in three different sizes.   I tore the cover when I pulled off the free craft envelope.  It was sticky, sticky glue!
 This is the pattern page with the three varying sized Mandalas.  I went and got my stash of Stylecraft DK and started crocheting.

I was very happy with how it turned out.  It is so much fun to pick colors and play with color combinations.  I sat looking at it and thought what a nice trivet it would make.  Of course it was not thick enough.  So the only thing to do is to make another identical one.

Here I am working on Mandala number two!

Ta-da!  Two complete and now I get to crochet them together.  I used a double crochet with a picot every fourth stitch.

Here is the finished article with both sides being identical and looks so cool with my teapot perched on it.

Another view!

What?  Another Mandala?  Yup, this one is a pot holder.  Also double so those hot pot lids and handles don't burn your hands.  This was such a fun project to work on and two finishes in a day - that  is awesome.


  1. these are so fun and pretty!

  2. These mandalas are gorgeous. My daughter is interested in taking up applique so I'm going to send her to have a look at what you've done!

    We must be kindred spirits because I just got a piece of fabric with mandalas and have been thinking of using it as a centerpiece in a quilt!

  3. beautiful! I went through a mandela phase a while back, found tons of free patterns online!

  4. Your crocheting this post, and last, is gorgeous! Love what you've done with these Mandalas! And I love the previous doiley, too!