Monday, June 29, 2015

Another Finished Afghan!

Well I know I have just finished the yarn eater afghan, but really this one only had a few rows left to do and the border.  I love crocheting granny squares.  I have never done an elongated one before and wanted to try it out.
 I did two or three rows with a single color, then changed out for the next row.
I love the scrappiness of it.
I thought the scalloped edge would be pretty around the edge to contrast the square lines of a granny!

 It is a good size!  I think it will be a great napping blanket.
 Some flowers from my garden!
 The petunias are beginning to dwarf the geranium in the center.


  1. gorgeous! you're going to be nice and warm this winter with all of those beautiful afghans!

  2. Dear Chantal.
    it is a beauty, wonderful colors, love the scrappy look.

  3. Love the yellow scalloped edge on this one. It looks great on the blue chair and I'll just bet that this would be a great Afghan so snuggle under! Love the rectangular shape too!