Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Some Crocheting and a Patriotic Flag Table Runner!

I have been working away on several projects lately getting closer and closer to some big finishes.  I really felt like finishing something and finishing it quickly.  I found a darling pattern for a doily on Pinterest and thought it would be a wonderful quick finish project.    This one is for my bathroom, which is a green and apricot color.

I liked it so much that I decided to make another one in Patriotic colors.  I love this one too!  I still felt like finishing something small and cute.

Yesterday Barb, from Fun with Barb, posted this cute table runner on her blog.  It spoke to me!!!  I have the tumbler template and you all know I have fabric.  So this morning I made this cutie.  Barb I hope you don't mind me so shamelessly copying your cute table runner.

 Our neighbor went away on vacation for a couple of weeks and my son looked after the animals on his mini farm.  I went along to play with the animals and get my goat fix.  Such sweet things.  Really loving the country.

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  1. what beautiful finishes! I miss you but love seeing your happy face even if it is far away!