Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Tablerunner!

In our charming little town of Chester, we have a primitive store called "Bittersweet Blessings".  It is absolutely delightful.  Sometimes there are quilted mats and table runners for sale.  The lady who makes them does a delightful job.  I saw a cute mat and thought it would look so pretty as a runner.    I have reproduction fabric and I have Thangles!  So I came home and got to work making half square triangles.  They are 2.5" finished.  In no time at all I got this runner done.  It is so sweet and I am very happy with it.
I have ordered a console table for my entrance hall and I think this will be perfect on it for the later summer/ fall season.  It was a quick and very satisfying project.
 Here are a couple of pictures of our pond.  We have a 4 acre lot.  The pond area is designated wetland so we can't mess with it in any way - which is just fine by me.  I love the natural landscape.
I absolutely love how green and lush things are at the moment.  The wild flowers are so pretty!
 We even have some lily pads on the pond.


  1. I love your little runner. and your pond is beautiful! so happy to see you enjoying your new home

  2. You are so fortunate in your pond and no doubt there are lots of little creatures enjoy it too! Sweet runner :)

  3. Dear Chantal,
    cute little tablerunner, wonderful finish.
    Lovely picture of the pond and truly nice landscape.

  4. In all my years I've never made a table runner. Maybe it's time to make one!

    Love the pond. We have one in our yard but we made it. It attracts the birds and provides them with water and building supplies for their nests!