Saturday, June 27, 2015

A finished Afghan!

I must have started this afghan over a year ago.  It is a "yarn eater" or Bavarian Crochet pattern.  I found really good instructions from Sarah London's Blog at .  Some people make it in one piece, i.e. one large square.  I am not particularly fond of a square afghan.  I like mine to be rectangular.  The fit is better.   So I made squares and crocheted them together with a gorgeous color called antique teal.
 I used many different colors because I love a scrappy, colorful look.

 I gave it a super simple border treatment as I felt it did not need a wide border.  The edge of the blocks are ornate enough.  I just did a chain with a picot.
 Before we moved I had two blocks left to make and attach to the mothership.  I just ran out of time with all the things one has to do for a move.  So the finish on this end was quick and I enjoyed working on this project again.


  1. What a great afghan! I love the scrap happiness of it! My daughter has recently taken up crocheting so she will be very interested in this post!

  2. you are finishing things up left and right! this one is beautiful too...

  3. Oh! It's so beautiful! I love love it. A design with depth of colour, and texture. Thanks for sharing.