Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter Tablerunner Completed!

I am finished with the table runner and very happy with it.  I bought binding for it yesterday and put it on this morning.   Here is the surprise I was talking about.  I thought the quilt could use something interesting added to it.  So naturally I thought with all those eggs around, a couple of chicks would be in order.  Isn't he a cute little fellow.
 Here he is next to an egg.
 This is a long table runner because my kitchen table is big.  It is very cluttered at the moment so I lay the runner out on the sofa to get it all in the frame.  Every alternate egg is upside down, so the other side of the table has some oriented the right way for them.  I put three little chicks onto the runner.
I am not sure if this is at all clear to you but I quilted butterflies into the border quilting as I was meandering along.
I quilted a different design onto each strip of the eggs.   Did you SPOT the binding?  Tiny little pin dots from the Dottie collection.  I think this is just a perfect print for a binding, especially with modern fabrics.
 Pebbles in the sashing!


  1. Oh Chantal, your easter table runner looks so wonderful.

  2. What a cute Easter table runner! The yellow chicks did that little extra. And your quilting is amazing. Now your kitchen table will be nice for Easter. Wish you a happy Easter!

  3. so so so cute! I love this Chantal!

  4. The chicks definitely make the runner! Congrats on a beautiful finish!

  5. So cute and brilliantly done!!!