Thursday, April 3, 2014

Working on Tumbler Scrap Quilt!

Since posting my scrap management series, I have felt like working on my tumbler quilt again since my bag of cut tumblers is quiet full.  I looked at it and decided to add to the width.  Also my tumbler quilt was started on my Singer (15K) hand crank sewing machine.  So I got her out of her case and gave her a good oil.  Here she is! The blue tape on the bed is for a 1/4" seam allowance.  She is a beauty and works well - skips a stitch here and there but nothing to worry me.  I string piece the tumblers on the Singer.  I put the rows together on my Bernina.
Here is a pile of tumblers in front of the machine waiting to be string pieced.
I need to add rows of 18 tumblers to each existing row in the quilt to make the width as wide as I would like it.  Here is a box with rows added.
 I worked on adding the rows yesterday and am halfway done before I start adding full width rows.  I just love how colorful this quilt is going to be.


  1. I think my last comment went out into space...
    Such a pretty quilt and all from leftovers!

  2. So satisfying!! Looking good :-)

  3. so awesome! I am contemplating a tumbler quilt.... because I need another project you know!

  4. I love your tumbler quilt and it is so satisfying to be able to make use of the small scraps!

  5. Wow! it will be beautiful with all the colors, but very much work to do!