Saturday, April 19, 2014

Some Hexagons and some Flowers!

I have been stitching away this week like a fiend possessed and yet there is not terribly much to show for it.  EPP means slow progress on a few projects.  I am working on my Soupçon border and need to make 20 hexagon flowers for it.  Remember my Soupçon from the last post?
Here are the flowers and the connecting hexagons which I am working on.
 I was at Home Depot a few days ago and fell in love with these almost black pansies.  They are so dark that they look black in the shade.  Only when the sun shines on them can you see purple.  They are truly WOW! They look like black velvet inside.  The Stamens are small white dots in the center, deep down.  So beautiful.


  1. I love the fussy cut hexis, are they navy? So striking with the flower centred like that.
    Ive seen those lush purple black, surely they are petunias? before and they are so rich and velvety looking, am not surprised you bought them!

  2. I love the pansies. I love your Soupçon so far. I've packed mine away to finish later