Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Bibliophile Files!

March was a good reading month for me.  I used to question how one could claim to have read a book when you have actually listened to it.  It seemed like a bit of a grey area to me.  You will be pleased to know that I have recovered from my confused state and have taken out some audiobooks from my local library.  Now I can "read" and sew at the same time.  It is just possible that I have found Utopia!
A Holiday Yarn is a mystery novel. Sally Goldenbaum has several books in this series.  I have read three of them and really do enjoy them.
 The Funeral Dress was a good book.  It is about an unwed mother in a very poor community who lives in dire circumstances and how the community rallies around her.
This was such a charming audiobook.  A stern older librarian hosts a knit lit society where they read a book and knit a project which relates to the book.  The characters are diverse and one gets involved with the goings on in their lives.  
 The Right Attitude to Rain is an Isabelle Dalhousie mystery (Sunday Philosophy Club).  If you have not read any of Alexander McCall Smith's books, I highly recommend you try one.  He is the author of the No1 Ladies Detective Agency and they are truly charming books.  The Right Attitude to Rain is beautifully read and one is always left pondering philosophical ideas.  Really good.
I also read "True Sisters" by Sandra Dallas but had returned it to the library before I got a picture of the book.  It is the story of Mormons making the trek from Iowa to Utah with handcarts.  A very good read.  We have it so easy in comparison to what these people had to endure in the four month trip.  They baked to death in the beginning and froze to death at the end.  A story of endurance and the spirit to survive.


  1. All 5 books sound interesting - I made a list and hope to add them to one of my future monthly Bibliophile File reports. Looking forward to what you read over the next month!

  2. wow, you got lots of books in! I've been slow at the reading this year so far, may have to turn to audio books too.