Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hexagons, hexagons and more hexagons!

Well I have not blogged in a while because I have been working on the same couple of projects and have nothing new to show.  But then I thought progress is a good thing to show.  So here goes!  There is a quilt called The Godstone Grannies which Karen at Faeries and Fibres is busy recreating.  I don't believe there is a pattern for this quilt.  Search for it on Pinterest and the link will take you to a picture of it in a museum in England.

 I truly fell in love with the colors the ladies used to make the quilt.  I am normally not a brown, yellow and orange person but for some reason this quilt really spoke to me.
 I love the designs within the diamonds.
 Each diamond has 64 hexagons in it.
 I am having so much fun recreating these.
 Pulling fun fabrics!  Some to fussy cut and some not.
 A splash of green here and there.  Paper Pieces.com generously allows one to print hexagon blanks so that you can draw in your own shapes.  This is how I plan the diamond.
 I am teaching a purse at my local quilt store and am making the center panel out of hexagons.  Here it is so far.  These are 1/2" hexies.  The fabric is Moda Grunge.
 I have also made a few more rosettes for my Soupçon quilt.  I have been stitching like a woman possessed on all these hexagons and loving every minute of it.  I hope you are loving your projects!  Till next time, happy stitching.


  1. Chantal, your Godstone Grannie are looking good! It's easy to become possessed when making hexies in any size!

  2. Your Godstones are delightful, love the fussy cut black ones in the first especially!
    Like you Im making up Karen's soupcons but using them fpor bed cover without the yummy embroidery.
    Love those weeny half inchies too!!

  3. Wow - I would say you have lots to show! Each one is unique and beautiful!

  4. you my dear are the hexi queen!

  5. You really have been hexagonning away :-) Your blocks are looking good and great fussy cutting too. Karen's blog is very inspiring isn't it? I've just done round 3 of my soupcon.

  6. Hi Chantal - I am so glad you are sewing along and making your own Godstone Grannies! Aren't they fun! Your blocks are lovely and your fabric choices are fabulous!

  7. Wow you've been VERY productive lately - especially on the GG quilt! Some days I just feel so slow at hexies but I enjoy the process and that is the only thing that matters to me :)