Friday, June 13, 2014

A Cushion Cover!

My youngest son has been asking me for a nap pillow for a while now.  I put it on my UFO list although I had not started the project.  I did this because I am trying to work my way through my LOOOOONG list of UFO's and thought it would act as a reminder.  Sure enough it did.  Kevin's bed has a grown up nautical theme to it.  Blue and white fabric.  There is a printed line across the duvet cover which has longitude and latitude coordinates printed on it.  Really cool.  So I thought a pop of red would be perfect and an anchor to "anchor" the theme would be great.  I freehand drew an anchor and cut it out.  Then I transferred it to Wonder Under! I cut the anchor out and ironed it onto background fabric.  Next I machine blanket stitched around the perimeter of the anchor.  Next came the quilting.  A simple shadow quilting!!  Then I put the cushion together.

 I free motion quilted a label for the boy just to let him know it is his cushion.  I caught the label in the binding to secure it to the pillow.
 Half red and half white on the back of the cushion.
 The cover is done and the pillow form is inside!
 Ooh, I think it works!

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  1. Love your anchor pillow! (cushion) Looks like he does too