Saturday, June 7, 2014

What am I working on?

I have a tray that holds my EPP handwork which I use when I am watching TV.    On it I have a Godstone Grannies block and a Patchwork of the Crosses block plus some Value Proposition pathway blocks.
Also on the sofa is this afghan that I have been working on for years.  It is crocheted in single crocheting stitch.  You work into the back of the loop only and the result is a very slow progressing but dense, pretty stitch.  I am bound and determined to finish this afghan in the next few days.  Gotta have another tick on that UFO list.


  1. Love your GG hexi colours!

  2. beautiful projects. and I like your new blog header too!

  3. I love seeing a tray with sewing necessaries and hexagons. It always looks so pretty! So glad you have been bitten by the Godstone Grannies bug! Aren't they fun to make?

  4. Love your new header! The projects are looking beautiful, too. Have a beautiful week!

  5. Any project with hexies is a fun project! I haven't seen the Godstone Grannies... thanks for introducing them. (Will spend some time googling these...)
    Love that tight stitch in the crocheted afghan!

  6. Gorgeous afghan - looks like it will be right warm this winter :)

    Your hexie tray looks kind a like mine with bits of several projects, all waiting for my time and attention. I'll be posting my home "kit" later this week.