Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Moda Candy Mini!

I have many projects that take a long time to finish.  Sometimes instant gratification is what I am looking for.  I happen to love small quilts and mini quilts so I decided to go ahead and make a mini.  Moda has two of these booklets.  This is the second one.
 I flipped through until I came across a sweet little quilt.  I gathered my little 2.5" candies and some yardage.
 Started putting together those nine patches.
 Setting triangles went together so well in this little quilt.
 I wanted to try some new free motion designs.  I took a long time quilting the quilt in comparison to how long it took me to make it.  I will post a picture of the finish tomorrow when the binding is done.
Thanks for stopping by to have a look.  Also a warm welcome to my two new followers - ladies, you made my day!


  1. Its so lovely!
    And its only just occured to me that making up small quilts like that is the perfect opportunity to practise FMQ without being overwhelmed by the project.
    And I need lots of practise before I start on any of my hexi covers - which thankfully arent anywhere near finished yet lol