Friday, June 20, 2014

Dresden Plates and some Crocheting!

I have been working on the Dresden Plate Quilt albeit slowly.  I am doing my best work and therefore not rushing.  Slowly and carefully stitching around those plates.  I like to have a bit of crocheting to do and decided I needed a new pot holder.  Not because my others are worn out.  Just because I felt like making one.  Here it is!!!  A cheerful vintage looking potholder.
I have been attaching the red centers to the Dresden plates.  I am really enjoying working on these.
I started cutting sashing yesterday.
Two more circles cut and prepped for attaching to the Dresden Plates.  I have a question and would so appreciate your feedback.  The sashing is in red - do I do white cornerstones or do I make them scrappy?


  1. I love your potholder AND your dresdens! I vote scrappy too

  2. Your dresden plates are very nice, and your potholder looks like it is inspired by the dresdens!