Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Project from Quilty Magazine!

I love the new Fons and Porter Publication, Quilty Magazine!  It is probably in its second year of being published.  It is a modern magazine with a wonderful assortment of modern quilts.  I am working on one of the quilts from the May June issue called Peppermintz.
 This is a schematic layout of the quilt and what one completed block looks like.

 To make a block you will start off by choosing two different fabrics.  You will need three blocks of each of the two colors.  You will place two different colors right sides together and mark two diagonal lines (each a 1/4" from the center line).
 Take them to your machine and stitch on the marked line.  This project lends itself to string piecing if you prepare a number of the blocks at a time.
 In this picture I have stitched two blocks worth of half square triangles.
Next you will cut them apart from corner to corner.  Iron them open.  Press two of the blocks seams in the opposite direction to the other four.  This way when you sew them together you will be able to lock your seams together.
Lay them out in this configuration.
First you will sew the rows together and then you will stitch the three rows to each other.  That gives you one completed block.
 I have tried hard to select modern fabrics and I must say I am enjoying making these blocks.  I need a total of 56 blocks and am well on my way to having them done.  It is a fun block to make.  I have been using a spray starch before I cut the blocks across the diagonal because of the bias edges.  The starch gives some stability.  I use Faultless professional starch on the blocks.


  1. Oooh what a fun border that design would make!
    Smashing mix of fabrics youve used there Chantal : )

  2. this caught my eye too! yesterday I was playing with some orphan half square triangles that I have left over from my Pow Wow Quilt. I was laying them out in this format because I thought it looked like a Z, LOL

  3. Fro some reason the blocks remind me of the sea horses I tried to raise eons ago. Great HST project :)