Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And now for something completely CUTE!

Whilst browsing through blogland, I have come across soooooo many pictures of beloved pets.  It seems to me that cats are truly attracted to quilting.  I have many yards of material that have been napped on and cat approved.  I just loved seeing all the cats sleeping on Christmas Tree Skirts.  I have two orange cats and they too love the tree skirt.  I think one of my cats thinks we do him a great favor every year by bringing a small forest into the house.  You see, he is a house cat and does not venture out into the great wild world.  He loves the soft glow of the tree lights and curls up most nights to nap under the tree.  He becomes quiet disgruntled when Santa visits and places gifts under the tree.  So I have to re-arrange them to include a space for Mr Cat under the tree!!!  This is a picture of him having a nap on my daughters bed.  Oh, both blankets in the picture were made by myself.  The pink and black afghan is a recent finish and my darling daughter just loves it.

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