Friday, January 7, 2011

Spools! Spools! Spools!

 Hello, I was so excited to find my package in the mail today containing the stamps for the spools which seems to be taking the quilting world by storm at the moment.  I ordered mine from Sew Unique  I chose Blue and Pink Stars for the quilt.
Here is a picture of the rubber stamps, ink and a few pieces that I have stamped and cut out.  It is soooo very easy just to stamp and cut.  It will save hours of tracing around templates. I use a small cutting mat and tiny rotary cutter to do the cutting with.
I had to just sit down and make a spool or two to see how they would turn out.  This is what the back looks like of one of them and then the front of the other one.   So cute.  This will probably take months to make a decent size quilt with.  However, what a fabulous carry-along project.
I am so excited to carry on with my spools / klosjes!!!
Thanks for stopping by to have a look and have a fabulous weekend.

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