Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow in Texas

Many people would not find this photo remarkable in the least!  However, this is Texas, so it is pretty exciting.  We had a wonderful winter storm today.  Snow really brings out the kid in me.  I grew up where there was no snow, so I still get pretty thrilled to see the white stuff!!!  Snow in Texas is wonderful though.  It snows, you get to enjoy it, and then it is usually gone the next day.  We don't get to deal with the slush, shoveling - all the aspects that make it a grind.
I had some quality time with the couch today, with the fire on.  I made two spools, and knitted two blocks for the afghan (pictures posted below).  Today was definitely a soup day, so I made a big pot of thick vegetable stew.  Hmmm, it is sooooo good.  I think I will go and heat some up for dinner.
Talk to you later.

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